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Staff Ranking System
Ranking System
Community Manager -> Council (9 members) -> Director/Owner -> Superadmin -> Head Admin -> Admin ->Trial-Admin -> Head Moderator -> Moderator -> Trial Mod -> Human Resources

Rankings (Specific)
Trial Moderators:
- A trial staff member. These are the grunts, trainees, etc. They are just starting out the staff journey on Vendetta. They are equipped with the basic tools to moderate the server, and require other ranked staff members to assist them. Make sure to help Trial Mods when possible.
-As a Trial Mod you are there to shut up and listen to the other staff members you do not correct them or argue with them even if you think they are wrong. If you think another staff member has abused their powers or told your wrong information you will report it to a Human Resources representative, and it will be dealt with shortly.
A staff member who have shown worthy enough to pass Trial-Mod trial. They are given extra tools, as they are trusted enough. Moderators are one step up from trial mod but still are a bit new. Admins have some control over mods.
Trial Admins:
This is your probationary period before you are able to become a Admin, You must complete at least (10) days in this rank to be considered for promotion.
Admins have direct control over Trial Mods and some over Mods. Admins can control significantly more control over the server than Moderators and Trial Mods. They have been trusted with these for a reason and if caught abusing them will be terminated with no chance of re-application.
Head Admins:
Head Admins are in charge of both internal affairs between staff members but in charge of making the staff team coordinate with the superadmins requests.
They are in charge of staff on a day to day basis. They work to keep the server orderly and keep the lower ranks inline. Superadmins are the best of the best and can only be overridden by the Server Director.
Super Administrator+ is considered Command Staff.
Administration/Server Director:
- A staff member who is in charge of staff, He/She able to handle staff issues, and has a spot in council there is normally two server directors. They have global Superadmin on ALL other servers.
Super Administrator+ is considered Command Staff.
- They have full access and vote on decisions through Council meetings.
- Can be overridden by Community Manager if vote is 5/9 or lower.
Council Lead/Can be community manager:
Sets the agenda and counts votes.
Community Manager:
The Owner… Has a final say over everything and everything. In the exception that they can be overridden by a majority Council vote.
Human Resources:
Human Resource members can be found at the highest administrative rank in each server essentially they are Head Admins and above. These members are vital to the community and help deal with internal issues.

There is a list that can be found here.

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