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Staff Application Format
Staff Application Format

General Information

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Steam Profile Link:



Time Zone:

Garry’s Mod Playtime Hours:

Server Playtime:

How long have you been a part of the community?:

Do you have any past experience with administrating? Specific examples are best:

About You

In at least 150 words, describe why you should be Staff:

In at least 100 words, describe why we should pick you over other applicants:
(Use https://wordcounter.net/ to count words)

Did you reach both of the above requirements?


Do you promise to administrate to your fullest capacity?

Do you understand the Ranking System (link to forum post)?:

Do you swear to respect all players both in-chat and voice chat?:

Do you understand that asking any Staff or other players to read or comment on your application will lead to an immediate denial?:

Please remember, you are not chosen based solely on your application. Make sure to put effort into your application, but we also take into account your credibility on the server. We keep track of your punishments, how you treat other players, and what you do while you’re online. If we deem you unfit for Staff, you will be denied even if your application is the best we’ve seen.

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